I love that the store is locally owned, and it only enhances the experience by getting to chill with their two amazing "store cats!" The staff are super friendly and helpful, and overall this is just the best pet store in West Texas!!!


I got my Manx kitten, Winchester, from here. She is very affectionate and everyone in the house loves her. The service was great and the employees were very helpful, I'd come here to get another pet or more supplies again.


I think having the store is good. You want to save the shelter dogs but often they have a lot of problems. It is nice to be able to get a puppy that grows up with you and that you know was cared for rather than one that is unknown and often the problems out weigh any benefits.


They are the best! They have miniature Dachshund they are so cute! Make good Christmas gifts

Rosalinda De Leon

This is the best place that you can shop for all your pets needs.


Made my kids day by getting a pair of Guinea Pigs. Great prices and great service